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Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue
Symptoms: Knee Pain, Body Aches, Prostatic Hypertrophy, Cervical Cancer, Diabetes
Name: Tai Pan Luo

As the human race advances, more and more modern illnesses emerge. My husband has suffered from knee pain and body aches for more than 10 years. The medication he gets from Singapore General Hospital only temporarily suppressed the pain instead of curing the causes. I felt so bad for him, so I decided to try when my neighbour, Shu Chen Tsao, introduced these products to me.

I took two small blanket samples, and my husband used the bed sheet sample to wrap his right knee for three days in a row. One day, after returning from a bike ride, he told me that there was no more pain in the knee wrapped with the blanket, but the other knee that wasn’t wrapped still hurt.

That’s when he asked me to buy the knee supporter band for him. I told him that the item wasn’t cheap, yet he told me wisely that it’s ok as long as it works.

I also thought about how he had to keep taking medication for his prostatic hypertrophy. I heard that taking medication harms your kidneys, but what harm would there be if it were just wearing an outfit? So I bought the complete series for him, and they worked really well. I also thought about my two-year-old grandson, whose throat makes noises when breathing. I wrapped around his neck with a handkerchief, and there was no more noise on the following day.

low back painTherefore, I got more Nefful supporter products. It has been a year now, and his throat no longer makes strange noises, and has not seen a doctor about this problem ever since.

I am a cervical cancer patient who also has diabetes. My hypertension forced me to have my uterus surgically removed. My blood sugar level was above 150, and reaching 205 at its peak, unable to be reduced. To my amazement, after I started using the complete series, my vagina started to have yellowish secretion.

My blood sugar level dropped to below 120 even when I am not particularly watching what I eat. Now it is fixed at around 110. I would like to thank Shu Chen Tsao, who introduced me to these products.