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Frequent back pain is getting more and more common with Singaporean today. Many people has back problems and many more people will experience it in their lifetime. There are many reasons that cause back pain, but there are also things we can do to avoid them.

shoulder painProblems with other body organs may cause back pain too for examples are appendicitis, aneurysms, kidney diseases, bladder infections, pelvic infections and ovarian disorders are common problems that can also cause back discomfort. It is always best that you consult with your doctor if you suffer chronic back pain so to make sure that you are not suffering from any of these health problems.

The common sciatica pain actually comes from inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The pain is felt from the lower back, down to the back of the thigh area and then the pain will shoot down to your knee. This is the largest nerve in our body. The nerve roots begin in the lumbar spinal cord in our lower back and extend right down through our buttocks area and then send nerve endings down to the lower limbs. The common sciatica usually is caused by a disc herniation that constantly putting pressure on a nerve. Because of this, inflammation on this nerve produces these ‘warning signs of sciatica’.

Here are some ways for you to avoid sciatic pain and reoccurring pain in your lower back:

– When doing lifting use a safe technique
– Try not to stand or sit in the same position for too long
–  Do stretching and exercising on a regular basis
–  Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees or a pillow in between knees if you sleep on your side
–  Always get a pair of comfortable and well-fitted shoes

A tilted pelvis may be a cause for people who suffer lower back pain. If you have one leg shorter than the other, this can also cause a tilted pelvis. Also, many people who have crooked spine that also can cause a tilted pelvis. It is best to consult a doctor or you can also go get chiropractic treatment for some of this related problem.

Some of the things that can be done at home to help relieve your pain are:

–  Avoid strenuous exercises or activities
–  Start a everyday stretching routine
–  Drink plenty of water each day
–  Go for a walk as much as you can
–  When you sleep on your back put a pillow under knees area
–  When you sleep on your side place a pillow in between your knees
–  Maintain an ideal weight

Also, the diet and regular exercise do play a very important role in cause of back pain. Water is of course important for the body. Water keeps the body from becoming dehydrated. Water is needed to keep acids and wastes from building up on muscles and tissues. Try to eat lesser meats and other animal proteins until your back pain is gone. The reason is that these types of food contain uric acid. Also abstain from oils, fats, sugars or any highly processed foods too.

You should go for regular outdoor exercise as it is very important part of staying healthy. Keep your weight down so you are not putting a strain on your back areas. The other thing that you can do is go for swimming, cycling, walking.

So these are some ideas that can help relieve back pain. However the best is you should consult a doctor or check out where to find a chiropractor if the pains persist. Because we are not doctors we never know when it could be something serious. So always listen to your body and what it tells you.