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Elbow Support

neoron elbow support


Elbow Support
Price: SGD130 (Member SGD104)
Size: M/L
Color: Ivory/Gray

Outer Material: Acrylic 35%, Cuprammonium Rayon 23%, Polyester 19%, Nylon 12%
Polyester 19%, Polyurethane 6%, Cotton 5%
Inner Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON)56%, Polyester 23%, Nylon 23%
Polyurethane 7%

Features: Ergonomic design woven with soft circular weaving method, providing excellent support and comfort to your elbows and knees.

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Why is your elbow hurting? Your elbow is not a simple joint because it lets you perform different types of movements, including lifting, throwing, swinging and hugging, to name some. But before we discuss more about elbow pain, let’s explain what an elbow joint is. First, this joint is formed in a position where three bones are coming together, the humerus, the radius and the ulna. Every bone has its cartilage, aiding in the smooth movement of the bone.

However, they degenerate over time due to aging and other factors. The cartilage also takes the pressure off the bones by helping them slide smoothly and absorbing the shocks, which could have been put into the bones.

In what ways do elbows hurt?
• Dislocated elbow
• Injuries
• Fractured elbows
• Falls
• One-time injuries

You can also get elbow strain when you put in too much pressure on the elbow muscles, such as when you overdo with sports or when you always lift or carry heavy objects.
Sprains are also common among sportsmen or athletes playing contact sports and using racquets. These individuals can also suffer from wear-and-tear injuries and bursitis.
Elbow pain can also lead to trapped nerves or carpal tunnel syndrome, which happens when a certain nerve passing through the wrist is being squeezed to cause arm and wrist issues.

What to do with elbow pain
You should call your doctor if you have been experiencing elbow pain lingering for some time, and it is not going away with ice and rest. Some things to watch out for also include,
• Intense swelling, pain and bruising around the elbow
• Issues when bending your arm and using your elbows

Are you looking for ways to reduce the pain in the elbow area? A few tips include the following,
• You should adapt or change movements, which trigger the symptoms or make them worse.
• Another tip to help with elbow pain includes medications, including painkillers, such as analgesics. They can help in easing the pain.
• You might also want to avoid bending your elbows and movements causing its symptoms.
• Consider using splints, such as epicondylitis clasp, which can reduce the pain from the strain happening when doing activities that lead to the flare-ups.
• Ice or heat packs are also common solutions, which reduce stiffness and pain.
• Exercises can also help to prevent the stiffening of the elbow joint and weakening of the arm muscles.

Try Teviron Elbow Support
This is one of the safest and most natural solutions against elbow pain! The product is made with negative ion fiber material, which can load your system with negative ions! These ions help you maintain a balanced system, promote health, improve mood and uplift your spirits. They also effectively get rid of the pain naturally, as sworn by more than hundreds of our customers who have tried it themselves.

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