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Knee Support

neoron knee support


Dual Purpose Knee Support (Elbow/Knee)
Price: SGD210/SGD200 (Member SGD168/SGD160)
Size: M/L
Color: Ivory/Black

Material – Ivory
Outer Material: Acrylic 89%, Wool 5%, Polyester 5%, Polyurethane 1%, Cotton 5%
Inner Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON)89%, Polyester 9%, Polyurethane 2%

Material – Black
Outer Material: Acrylic 90%, Wool 5%, Polyester 4%, Polyurethane 1%
Inner Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 83%, Polyester 15%, Polyurethane 2%

Features: Ergonomic design woven with excellent elasticity to provide good support and comfort to your elbows and knees.

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What is our Teviron knee support?
Our Teviron knee support is made of high quality negative ion fiber clothing from Japan. White and black are available and both are made with original negative ion fabric.

How does it work?
Our knees suffer from much pressure and stress because they provide us with the stability for running, standing up, climbing and jumping, among other movements you can think of involving the legs. But as we age and due to the blows that the knees receive, they suffer from degeneration over the course of our lives, leading to osteoarthritis.

What is osteoarthritis? It is a debilitating wear and tear disease, common due to aging and degeneration of the joints. A few signs and symptoms to watch out for include,
• Reduced mobility and flexibility
• Unsteadiness
• Joint pain

It happens due to damaged or lost cartilage, which functions as the shock absorber for the joints located on one side of the knee. When the misalignment worsens, the damage does, too. Teviron knee support can help in taking the pressure off the joint’s part affected by osteoarthritis and relieving the pain to help you move around and stand up with more ease and confidence.

Can a knee support aid in arthritis?
Let know that knee braces and support aids should not be considered as the first treatment option for the condition. You should consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

However, products, such as the Teviron, can aid in providing relief against osteoarthritis condition and symptoms, especially by combining it with weight loss techniques and exercises.

Check out the following for the benefits of our knee support.
• Inflammation relief and pain reduction
• Knee aid for better movement
• Natural and non-invasive
• No medications needed
• Safe and effective
• Loaded with negative ions needed for balanced pH level in the body for improved immune system, pain reduction and uplifted mood, among other benefits
• No surgeries required

Wear Neoron Negative Ion Knee Support Now
If you’re looking for a natural and safe solution against osteoarthritis pain, wear negative ion knee support available in black and white. For genuine and affordable Teviron clothing products, try them today!

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