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According to multiple sources, lower back pain is the most common form of back pain. The stress of holding the body upright and stable is really put on the lower back. This is also usually the first area of the back to be effected by age. The lower back holds the brunt of the whole body. Despite all of the medical advances, there is not a lot that can be done to correct chronic lower back pain minus surgery, and even then, the risks tend to outweigh the benefits.

shoulder_painThe lower back is a very important area for regular activities such as walking and sitting.  Studies show that women tend to have more lower back problems than men. The reason for this is pregnancy. Growing a child within can cause a great deal of stress and pain even years after the child is born. The best studies suggest that yoga, if done correctly, can greatly improve the chances of managing lower back pain. Most yoga positions utilize the lower back, and this means it is not recommended for someone who has suffered a severe injury.  Even if you are not currently experiencing lower back pain, it is recommended that yoga be implemented to strengthen and improve the health of the lower back.

Lower back pain starts at the end of the rib cage and can end as low as the hips. Often though, the pain of lower back can radiate into the legs and even into the feet if severe enough. Since doctors are unable to fully diagnose and understand all causes of lower back pain, the most common treatment is rest and relaxation. Generally, the pain will subside after a while, and the sufferer can go about their business. However, there are cases of extreme pain and there are some symptoms to watch out for.  Make sure to seek immediate assistance if you are experiencing numbness, or weakness in the legs, and or loss of bowel and bladder control.

In a lot of cases a doctor will prescribe anti-depressants for lower back pain because extensive studies show that lower back pain is persistent and common for people who are experiencing depression or anxiety issues. Even if the anxiety or depression issues are not severe, the medication prescribed will usually relax the person enough to allow their body to heal correctly.

If the pain is severe, and you are noticing inability to complete simple tasks, it would be good to seek help. Once help is attained they will go about the standard procedures to locate and isolate the cause of the pain with devices such as M.R.I. and x-rays. There are several diseases to watch out for. Herniated discs are extremely common and they cause a noticeable amount of pain. This can only be corrected with surgery. Sciatica is a common problem that will be discussed later. Spinal stenosis is a common but severe problem that requires immediate and constant medical attention over years. Then, there are common place problems like pregnancy and basic strain which can be managed with home care or one visit to a doctor.