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back_pain_during_pregnancyOne of the biggest problems that expecting mothers suffer from is none other than pregnancy back pain. There are those who suffer from this periodically during the three trimesters but there are also
those who experience backache as a constant plague in their life for the entire 40 plus weeks. Most of the time, this pain in the back disappears after giving birth.

Pregnancy Back Pain and Its Causes

There are many reasons why you suffer from pregnancy back pain and some of them are as follows:

– The hormones that soften the ligament such as relaxing can cause your joints to move more than the usual that leads to extra strain on your hips and back.

– The weight of your baby causes the lower back to sway as your center of gravity moves forward that can make the back muscles light, short and painful.

–  The postural problems that are brought about by your growing uterus and the stretched abdominal muscles which restrict your ability of maintaining proper alignment.

–  The baby’s position, especially towards the end of the pregnancy, can also compress the nerves and lead to back pain. Due to the increasing weight of your baby, back pain is usually worse during the later stages of your pregnancy as your little one grows heavier.

How to Stay Away from Pregnancy Back Pain

The best way is to avoid back pain is to strengthen the core muscles, the ones in your back and abdomen before you become pregnant. But since it is pretty obvious that it is already too late to do so this time around, there are still several things that you can do to avoid the ache from becoming unbearable.

– Rest as often as you can. If your work requires you to stand, you can request your employer for a stool or chair so that you can take off the weight from your feet and rest your back every now and then.

– Choose low heeled shoes, specifically wedges for added stability. Flats are only going to put more strain on your lower back and calf muscles, while high heels are going to pitch your weight forward to the balls of your feet destabilize you and make you vulnerable to alls.

– You can also ask your employer on the possibility of working more flexible for you to avoid the rush hour traffic. It does not matter if you are just sitting in your car or riding a public transport because the strain on your back will become greater compared when you have shorter trips to and from the office.

Things to Do When Suffering from Pregnancy Back Pain

There are several ways to relieve yourself from backache the moment it settles in:

– Sleep on your side of the bed and place pillows to support your bump as well as between the knees. It gets rid of your strain on your lower back.

– Try doing gentle exercise like specialized antenatal aquaerobics, yoga or swimming.

– If you are lying on your back, put a big cushion or several pillows under your knees to reduce the pressure on the lower back.

– When the pain becomes too bad, discuss with your GP about some possible pain relief methods.