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My mother in law has always had migraine headaches and back pain. One day she saw my friend, Ethan wear a special hat. She was curious and asked her about it. The next thing I knew she brought a hat and waistband home to use for herself. After a couple of days she told me that she feels like she has more energy and she was so happy that her headache and back pain had improved a lot.eskimo hat

teviron waist supportI was curious about this product. It was a wonderful coincidence that Ethan came back Malaysia to my home town at this time. I asked her about these products. She explained to me about these negative ion products. I thought about my husband who has a gout problem. I bought some undergarments & underwear and a blanket for my husband. One week later his discomfort had improved.

knee supporter

When I was young I worked hard and for long hours. Now because of this I have a lot of illness. I have painful monthly cramps, a fibroid tumor and sickle cell anemia. All the time when I was working so much I could not take care of my illnesses. I bought some Teviron negative ion undergarments and supporters for myself. After a period of time my health has improved. I had edema on my feet. That edema has subsided. My monthly pain has disappeared. My vertigo has decreased. My health has much improved.