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Teviron – The Protective Fiber of High Technology

Teviron can be used to make clothes and continuously produce anions when it touches the human body.

It can purify the blood, activate the cells, enhance the immune system, and adjust autonomic nerve, and so on.

The human body is just like a small universe, containing the negative and positive, the yin and yang, the up and down, left and right, the empty and existence, and the cold and heat. They seem to be opposite but in fact they are complementary and can interact with each other. In the past, it’s the Daoism and Chinese medicine in China that made the best use of this profound mechanism. Now the latest “Energy Medicine,” or “The Third Medicine,” has also proved the existence of this rule, and it has gradually drawn the general attention from the medical circles.

For example, the cells in our bodies can produce ATP by oxidation-reduction enzyme under alkaline, high-oxygen circumstances. And they can also produce fermentative ATP by transferase in acidic, low-oxygen (or even non-oxygen) circumstances. The latter (ATP that is fermented under acidic, low-oxygen circumstances) is helpful for the development of malignant cells (like cancer cells) rather than normal cells. So how to change acidic, low-oxygen circumstances into alkaline, high-oxygen ones has become one of the hottest topics recently.

Accordingly to the researches done by “Energy Medicine,” those who are easily to get tensed, under stress, lack of nutrition, injured, addicted (to alcohol, smoking, or drugs), and have weak immune system, are easily to have their constitution become acidic, and low-oxygen. Then it will induce degenerate disease, especially cancer. But “negative magnetic energy” is one of the methods that can turn acidic, low-oxygen status into alkaline, high-oxygen one and without any negative influence.

Many documents also prove that as long as the negative magnetic field is strong enough, that the human body can be exposed in it for enough time, many factors against our healthy (such as bacteria, germs, cells or cancer cells) cannot survive. Many famous medical periodicals also have relevant reports. For example,” Quoted by Dr. Robert O. Becker’s report, it is clear that our bodies’ negative magnetic energy has the healing power. But if we want to use it against malignant disease (like cancer), the energy field must be bigger than the affected area, and its intensity strong enough to penetrate it, and keep the area exposed in the field constantly.

negative ion health clothingThe only electromagnetic fields on the earth were those inherent in the basic magnetic field of the earth as it is influenced by the sun. And these were all at either a steady state magnetic field which is one that is non-varying. The earth’s field is roughly 500 milligauss. The power, the magnetic field strength of the refrigerator magnet is highter than that.

The magnetic field strength inherent in the communication frequencies is far, far lower than that, but all of these are oscillating. They are frequency-dependent. The earth’s field does not oscillate very much at all. It goes up down to a slight extent depending on the time of the day and the situation on the sun.

As far as Dr. Robert O. Becker concerned, these factors DO have biological effects. I think that the overwhelming evidence indicates that happens. There is an effect even though physicists and engineers and electromagnetic and the two were never able to see eye to eye on this subject. Unquoted”
The amazing negative ion clothing creates friction “Electromagnetic Fields” to Steam Blood Magnet Therapy to save human life.

There are still many similar researches, with broader approach. Dr. William H. Philpott is the one who pointed out its specific effect, including:

It can replace antibiotic on the infection of bacteria, virus, mycete and parasite.

It has positive effect in some level on the disorder of central nerves, then improve some mental diseases, such as illusion, idleness, melancholy, anxiety, and panic; it can also relieve the symptoms of learning and behavior disorders, such as lack of concentration or ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder).

By controlling the symptoms it can correct that patient’s behavior, or keep the patient from being stimulated again and have a relapse.

It’s helpful to dissolve atherosclerosis plaque, improving the blocking state. For example, the insoluble peptic plaques located at upper layers of cerebral neurofiber in a patient of Alzheimer disease, and other organs’ deposit (such as those insoluble calcium compound deposited on the joints and feet, or even renal calculus) can be dissolved in the blood and be carried out of our bodies through metabolism.

Remove the scar on the skin or tissue; avoid from being damaged by X-rays and other radiation.

When sleeping, it’s helpful for the secretion of melatonin and growth hormone, which is also helpful for sound sleep.

Improve local pains caused by acidification of the cells, lack of oxygen, intoxication, edema, and infection.

Promote the internal enzymes to function. The theory of oxidation and restoration could turn the oxygen free radicals, H2O2, and acidic materials in our bodies into oxygen molecule and water and discharged out of the body.

Negative magnetic energy is also the best neutralizer for pH value inside our bodies.

Modern technology advances rapidly. More and more products are made according to the theory of negative magnetic energy and anions. Among them, anions fiber is the best representative. Clothes made of anions fiber have been launched in the market for some time, and many people wonder: what exactly is the anion fiber? How does it work? As a member of Energy Medicine Association for a long time and knowing about the development of energy medicine, I’m honored to be invited to compile this book. However, there still might be some omissions, which I hope kind advice can be given.

Released in August 2004
By: Charles C.S. Yeh
Secretary General of the Energy Medicine Association of ROC
Former Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural
Engineering in National Taiwan University